I am currently a post doc at the Department of Archaeology, University of Reading, on both the Roman Rural Settlement Project and the Silchester projects. From October, I will be the Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford. You can read about my new project here.

I completed a PhD at the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford 2010-4, looking at the relationship between the emergence of oppida during the Late Iron Age, and changes in agricultural practices. I analysed macroscopic plant remains from the Silchester Insula IX ‘Town Life’ Project, and compared the evidence for crops, crop processing, crop cultivation practices, and the consumption of other plant foods with secondary archaeobotanical data from the surrounding region.

I am also interested in the historical development of archaeobotany. As part of my PhD, I undertook the reanalysis of the plant remains studied by Clement Reid from the Society of Antiquaries of excavations at Silchester in the late nineteenth century. My research interests have also developed to include how ritualised deposition can be identified from plant remains.

You can read more about my research here

ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-0473-2589


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